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Generational Healing Through Theatre Workshop

Quick post here just to make an announcement:

Company member Nicole Pearson is hosting a one-hour workshop on Generational Healing

Through Theatre as part of Microsoft’s Give October charity event. If you are a Microsoft

employee interested in engaging in this transformative material from a personal, heart-

centered place, rather than a dry, abstract, and academic place, please consider attending this workshop and/or making a donation on our Microsoft GIVE fundraising page!

Workshop Description:

Too often, conversations around colonialism and decolonization are so abstract we lose sight of what we are talking about.  They become competing narratives locked in a power struggle over which one will dominate, and who will “win”. We can engage in this conversation differently to support generational healing.

In this workshop, Nebunele Theatre core member Nicole Pearson invites you to participate in a collaborative, embodied discussion of her latest play, “hand, breast, heart”. The play follows a young Black woman's journey from familial pain to communal healing. In our conversation, we will explore what we have each inherited, how it impacts us, and some ideas about what we can do with it.  

Online event: Tuesday, October 11, 1:05-2:00pm PDT.

Additional UK-specific event date/time coming soon!

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