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in the spirit of hope

Updated: May 23, 2022

Nebunele's Updated Mission Statement

We are working on refining our mission statement! Here is the latest version.

¨Empower a global community of artists committed to dismantling the

patriarchy with an eye on uplifting traditionally excluded voices in their fearless

investigation of the human experience; develop and support this community to

create work that builds courage, fosters empathy, and ignites the imagination

to bring forth a new world.”

This mission statement hits differently in the light of news that the US

Supreme Court is set to reverse a legal decision that has been a cornerstone

of women's rights. Roe v Wade is most commonly known as the decision that

established a woman´s right to choose an abortion. Most importantly it

established that right with a clear legal precedent in the Constitution. The

original decision states that under a 14th amendment privacy clause a

woman's choices about her body were personal and private. The new

decision refutes this claim essentially saying that women have no such right to

privacy that the court is compelled to obey. The language is condescending,

harsh and final. A woman's most personal and private decisions will now be

governed by the state. This tremendous victory for the religious right is 50

years in the making.

Unfortunately, women are not the only ones who have been targeted. The

religious right and their allies have spent the past few years passing

legislation against the LGBTQI community, too. Particularly transgendered

folk. Some states have banned their participation in school sports, prescribed

bathroom use, as well as curtailing their ability to seek vital medical treatment.

Florida has recently passed a bill called “Don´t Say Gay” which prohibits

people from talking about homosexuality in any way shape or form in schools

and other public spaces. Forms of violence against women and LGBTQI folk,

especially of color has been on the rise. When seen all together it becomes

increasingly clear there is a targeted campaign against communities that fall

outside of prescribed heternormative boundaries and a desire to control

female bodies.

We wrote our mission statement in the spirit of hope, thrilled to be part of a

great wave of change. As of today, our words have taken on a new urgency.

They reaffirm our commitment to fight patriarchy, a destructive force steeped

in the falsehoods of male supremacy. We pledge to fight with love. We are

more committed than ever to unleashing the full power of our imagination. We

are dedicated to birthing a joyful new world where all beings are safe and

happy. We hope that you will join us.

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